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A frothy mixture of blood and vomit.

How unbecoming.

27 November 1981
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I have a love/hate relationship with Lolita Fashion.

This guy on the internet found some pictures of Kyo, the singer of the band Dir en grey, in said internet. He saved the original images and opened them in a digital editing program. It may or may not have been Adobe Photoshop, even though the common term for this action is "photoshopping." He then proceeded to crop and change the size of the images to 100 pixels high by 100 pixels across. On some of them he added a little bit of text, like a song title. He is very proud of his ability to crop images, and somehow found out that I, a person he does not know, have been using three of them as LiveJournal UserPics. He has requested that I give him the credit that he feels that he deserves.

Way to crop,
_wolfie. *High five*.